Why should I use EXHCA?

What is the purpose of EXCHA and why should I use it?

According to several researches a huge part of modern applications deal with exception handling and logging.

There are many common tasks in exception handling and logging unfortunately java programming language does not provide efficient means to reuse exception handling logic. Advanced developers solve these problems with the help of Aspect Oriented Programming.

EXCHA is an AOP based framework that gives you an elegant way to handle exceptions and it was designed to help developers to solve the following problems:

  • log thrown exception
  • substitute thrown exception with the other exception
  • swallow thrown exception
  • reinvoke method in case exception was thrown
  • reuse exception handling logic


Is it possible to use EXCHA without Spring Framework?

In this case you have to use AspectJ compiler.

Is it possible to use EXCHA without AspectJ?

In this case you can use EXCHA to handle exception of Spring beans.

What are jre requirements?

jre 1.5 and above


Why does echa uses own LogLevel enum?

Unfortunately Apache Common Logging does not present such enum while LSF4J presents only restricted subset.